Australia Sydney cafe siege: As it happend! (Timeline)

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Sydney : An armed gunman on December 15 stormed into a cafe and took many under his custody. Cops faught for almost 16 hours to free the hostage and gun down the militant.

Here is the timeline:

09:35 AM: Cops were informed about a armed gunman storming inside Lindt Chocolate Cafe.

09:45 AM: Sydney Police reached the place of incident thinking a robbery motive behind it.

10:10 AM: Photos of hostages on cafe window were telecasted by the local televisions.

10:35 AM: Armed forces took the charge and evacuated the nearby buildings to ensure safety of people close to incident site.

12:30 PM: Prime Minister Tony Abott went on air and officially notified everyone about the sad and deeply concerning issue.

05:00 PM: Two women successfully ran out of the cafe from fire exit. With their aprons it seemed like they were the employees of the cafe.

06:00 PM: PM Tony Abott said the gunman is in with a political motive and refused of building a terror plot.

Till 8:00 PM: Police commissioner tried to negotiate with him and said his priority is to pull every hostage out from the cafe safe.

9:15 PM: gunman switched off all lights of the cafe. But cops, then wore night vision goggles to trace down the movements.

10:56 PM: Cops continued their struggle and urged people to go office as usual next morning.

2:30 AM: Policemen took the battle towards its end and pulled everyone out from the cafe.

2:44 AM: Police confirmed Sydney siege is over via tweet.

5:00 AM: Cops held a press conference and said three men were killed including the gunman.