China to evacuate citizens from India as coronavirus cases rise

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China to evacuate citizens from India as coronavirus cases rise
China to evacuate citizens from India as coronavirus cases rise

Beijing : China is planning to evacuate its citizens residing in India after a rise in number of coronavirus cases has been registered, a notice issued by the Chinese embassy in New Delhi said on Monday.

The notice, published on the embassy website said that students, tourists and businessmen who have been stranded in India will be allowed to fly back to China on special flights.

Beijing has asked its citizens to register themselves by May 27 who wish to return to their nation.

It includes Chinese citizens who are in India to practice yoga or had come to India for the Buddhist religious circuit pilgrimage.

The notice had no mention about the dates and places for these special flights.

Interestingly, the notice comes in the backdrop of rising tensions between India and China over the border dispute.

The notice put out in Mandarin on Monday morning said those taking the flights will have to pay for the tickets and for their 14-day quarantine once they land in China.

“Under the unified arrangement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant departments, the Chinese embassy and Consulates in India will assist students, tourists, and temporary businessmen in India who have difficulties and are in urgent need of returning home to take temporary flights back to China,” the notice said.

It has also been mentioned that those who have either been diagnosed or have symptoms to COVID 19 will not be allowed to board the flights.

Close contacts of Covid-19 patients or whose body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees centigrade will also not be allowed to board.

“Once a passenger who conceals his illness and contact history or finds that he has taken antipyretics and other inhibitory drugs during quarantine inspection is found, he will be held liable for the crime of endangering public safety,” the notice said.