Chinese delivery boy run away with Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max units to become rich

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Apple iPhone 12 Max Pro
Apple iPhone 12 Max Pro

Beijing : A delivery boy in China ran away with 14 units of iPhone 12 Max Pro units, worth Rs 18 lakh, it has been learned that he even sold some of the units to become rich and live a fancy life. The man has been arrested by the cops, putting an end to his fun ride.

Identified as Tang, the delivery boy was assigned the job of delivering 14 iPhone 12 Pro Max units from the shopping company called Meituan-Dianping to an Apple Authorised Reseller in Guiyang, the province of Guizhou.

According to a report by MyDrivers, the order was placed on November 14. Tang, on receiving the 14 iPhone 12 Pro Max units, apparently cancelled these orders and paid CNY 10 for defaulting on his job. But the biggest shock was when he did not return these iPhone 12 Pro Max units back to the store. 

The delivery package, worth Rs 18 lakh, and the boy went missing after the heist. But, the police soon nabbed him as he went on a shopping spree by selling some of the units in the market.

According to the report, Tang had opened one box to use the iPhone 12 Pro Max, one he gave to his friend to pay off the debt he owed him, another one he mortgaged at a pawn shop for CNY 9,500, and the fourth one was sold to a mobile phone dealer for a less price of CNY 7,000. The original price of each iPhone 12 Pro Max was reported to be CNY 1,000. The money that Tang got after trading off the two iPhone units, was spent on shopping. Like a man who has won a lottery, Tang hired a BMW car for a fun ride at CNY 600 per day. He even bought himself new clothes that were expensive.

But his excitement was short-lived. The local police recovered these four units from the places they were. The politico seized the rest of the iPhone 12 Pro Max units, which were ten in number, and nabbed Tang.