Cops conduct DNA test to catch thief who stole $2 yoghurt

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : In bizarre news, cops in Taiwan conducted a DNA test to identify the thief who stole $2 yoghurt drink. A local report states that each DNA test cost NT$3,000 ($98) and as six of them were carried out, a total of NT$18,000 were spent.

The police investigation took place after a woman, who was sharing a student house with five others, filed a complaint after she discovered that someone had stolen her yoghurt drink.

Source from BCC confirms that the woman in Taipei and other five women living together were all students at the Chinese Cultural University. On finding her yoghurt drink missing, the woman fished out the empty package from the dustbin and asked the culprit to confess. But, no one came forward and finally she took the container to the police and requested them to carry out an official investigation.

Police accepted her request but could not collect the fingerprints since the bottle container was wet. After which the complainant asked the cops to conduct a DNA forensics investigation, according to a report. Soon the police collected six DNA samples, including that of the complainant. The results of the tests eventually led to the culprit, who has been charged with theft.

The incident has taken huge money and the investigation is said to be waste of resources. A local, Mr Liu, told the Apple Daily newspaper, “It is a waste of society’s resources. If I was a police officer, I would have just bought her a bottle to reimburse her.”