Coronavirus: Over 500,000 people already vaccinated in China

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Coronavirus Vaccine in China
Coronavirus Vaccine in China

Beijing : While the world is still figuring out on what vaccine will be safer to market and cure the people, a report suggests that more than 500,000 people have already been vaccinated in China.

The people who have been given vaccination include doctors, nurses, civil servants and custom officers. And the authorities are now planning to make vaccine available in market by November this year.

"The Chinese authorities are moving quickly and even plan to market a vaccine at the end of November," says journalist Arnaud Miguet, live from Shanghai. But, in the meantime, in China, "more than half a million people are already vaccinated."

“In recent days, this also concerns students wishing to study abroad, continues the journalist. They can receive the vaccine from two companies: Sinopharm, free of charge, and Sinovac, for 24 euros for two doses. It should be remembered, and this is not trivial, that the vaccine is still in the final phase of clinical trial."

Officially, Russia is the first country which has given regulatory approval for a novel coronavirus vaccine. The clinical trials of Sputnik V are also being carried out in Belarus, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates. A Phase III trial involving 40,000 participants is currently underway in Moscow, with 16,000 people having already received the first dose of the two-shot vaccine.