Donald Trump's Android mobile phone a major security concern

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Donald Trump uses old unsecure device
Donald Trump uses old unsecure device

Washington : Contrary to the reports that the Donald Trump had ditched his Android mobile phone for a potentially more secure device, the 45th US President is still using his old device to post on Twitter.

According to a report in the New York Times on Wednesday, Trump has been using his old, unsecured Android phone to post on Twitter since moving to Washington late last week.

"The President's use of an unsecured personal device raises concerns that his desire to use his old smartphone could be exposing him and the nation to security threats," the report noted.

Trump is being urged by his aides and the Secret Service to give up his unsecure smartphone and stick to the secure one that was issued to him.

"The absolutely minimum Trump could do to protect our nation is to use a secure device to protect him from foreign spies and other threats," Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon on the Intelligence Committee, was quoted as saying.

According to a recent report in Appleinsider, Trump may follow in the steps of his predecessor Barack Obama who was the first US president to carry a cellphone -- initially starting with a modified BlackBerry and later migrating to an iPhone.

It is not clear if Trump's device and its functions like texting are encrypted to thwart hacking. The device could be vulnerable to hacking if used on unsecured Wi-Fi and cellular networks.