Donald Trump hopeful of continuing as US President

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Image tweeted by @realDonaldTrump
Image tweeted by @realDonaldTrump

Washington : Days before the official certification to Joe Biden's victory in November 3 Presidential polls will be issued, Donald Trump claimed that he will continue as the President of the United States as he has won the polls.

From the day results started to arrive from different parts of the United States, showing Donald Trump losing the battle, he had been making unreasonable claims of winning the polls and also alleging fraud in the counting of votes. Election officials have declared Biden as the President-elect as he received more than the required 270 of the 538 electoral college votes.

The certified results of the elections will be announced next week. However, Donald Trump is still fighting legal battle to continue his presidentship. He has allowed the official start of Biden''s transition to power but has not yet conceded defeat.

“Hopefully the next administration will be the Trump administration, a continuation -- which has led us to the highest stock markets we''ve ever had, the best employment numbers we''ve ever had, a rebuilt military,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday during a vaccine summit.

“We''re going to have to see who the next administration is -- because we won in those swing states, and there was terrible things that went on. So we''re going to have to see who the next administration is. But whichever the next administration is, will really benefit by what we''ve been able to do with this incredible science, the doctors -- all of the people that came up -- the lab technicians. The work that''s been done is incredible, and it will be incredible for the next administration,” he said.

"And hopefully the next administration will be the Trump administration, because you can''t steal hundreds of thousands of votes. You can''t have fraud and deception and all of the things that they did, and then slightly win a swing state. And you just have to look at the numbers. Look at what''s been on tape. Look at all the corruption. And we''ll see. You can''t win an election like that,” the president said.