Donald Trump signs new immigration ban order; what is different this time?

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Trump Muslim ban- new order
Trump Muslim ban- new order

Los Angeles : US President Donald Trump on Monday once again signed a new executive order banning people from six Muslim countries; this time one Muslim country was removed as earlier he banned 7 countries.

Notably, his previous ban led to chaos as people with green cards and visas found themselves detained at several US airports.

The new order removes Iraq from the banned list by citing that the country is predominantly fighting Isis, a move welcomed by US.

The ban will also halt new visas but will allow those with current visas to travel freely.

Also, there is no indefinite suspension for Syrian refugees who will now face the same 120 day ban handed to all refugees.

Another important pointer is that the new version removes language that would give priority to religious minorities. 

Earlier, critics warned that adding any language will help Christians get into the United States while excluding Muslims.

The order suspends immigration from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days.

What is different this time?

  • The new order will not go into effect until March 16.
  • It will give a ten-day notice before coming into effect.
  • The directive removes the original ban's preference for "religious minorities".
  • Green card legal residents are exempt from the new order.
  • Iraq will be removed from the list of countries impacted by the ban. 
  • The countries banned in the list are: Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya. 
  • Syrian refugees will now be treated like other refugees attempting to enter the country.
  • The new order rescinds the previous one.