Donald Trump's emotional speech post acquittal

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Donald Trump's emotional speech post acquittal
Donald Trump's emotional speech post acquittal

Washington : President of the United States Donald Trump delivered an emotional speech after he was acquitted by the US Senate on Thursday.

Trump gathered scores of loyal Republican legislators, his legal team, his wife Melania and White House aides in the ceremonial East Room and brandished the front page of The Washington Post reading: "Trump acquitted."

"This is what the end result is," he said to a standing ovation.

He got cleared in the Wednesday's Senate voting against the charges that he was abusing his office and was obstructing the work of Congress.

It was "not a news conference, not a speech, it's not anything," Trump said. "It's a celebration."

During the speech he mentioned that he had been through the hell during the past few weeks but ended up in "winning" against "vicious" Democrats.

On Thursday, he came out for an annual National Prayer Breakfast that was designed on the theme – "love your enemy".

Interestingly, when he entered the dining hall he was carrying the news copy of USA Today with a banner showcasing his acquittal.

In a tired, raspy voice, Trump indicated he was in no mood for forgiveness, saying he'd been "put through a terrible ordeal by some very dishonest and corrupt people."