Fighter jets in Russia collide over Japan sea, crews eject and safe

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Library image of a Sukhoi Su-34 in flight (Picture: Sergei Fadeichev/TASS via PA Images).
Library image of a Sukhoi Su-34 in flight (Picture: Sergei Fadeichev/TASS via PA Images).

New Delhi : Breaking news from Russia reports that two Russian fighter jets have collided in mid-air in the Far East over the sea of Japan. The accident took place on January 18 and the news has been confirmed by the Defense Ministry.

Source close to the Russian military confirms in a statement that two Su-34 jets were performing training flights when they came into contact about 35 kilometers (22 miles) from the shore in the Sea of Japan.

Best part is that no causalities have been reported and both crews ejected safely from their aircraft. One pilot has been located on an inflatable raft in the sea as he was flashing the emergency light. The Russian military said strong winds are hampering the rescue operation but they expect to reach the pilot soon.

However, there is no information where the other pilots are, and no immediate information about the jets has been reported.

The military informed that the fighter jets were not carrying missiles.

Recently, on January 16, this year, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) scrambled fighter jets to intercept two Sukhoi Su-24 nuclear-capable strike attack aircraft over international waters in the Sea of Japan, the Japan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) confirms. The Russian aircraft, however, did not enter Japanese airspace.

The last interrupt of a Russian Su-24 strike attack aircraft or fighter-bomber took place in the Sea of Japan on December 19, 2018, which marked the first Russian aerial patrol in close proximity to the Japanese islands following a five-week hiatus.