Fumes, blast, almost a quake and 17 lives gone in China

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  • Tianjin : Nearly 17 people lost their lives and more than 400 got injured in a tragic blast in northern Chinese port city of Tianjin

  • Two massive explosions and heavy fire at a warehouse containing toxic materials were reported by the local agencies in China

  • The blast was sounded at 11.20 PM local time yesterday

  • Lack in safety can be assumed as fire was reported from the site around half an hour before the explosion

  • More than 10,000 people were reportedly evacuated from the nearby areas

  • Tremor like shake was also reported from the areas in 10 km radius from the blast site

  • Many pictures and videos were shared by witnesses on the social networking sites.

 Massive explosion rocks Tianjin, China http://t.co/IZe5rFHLjy pic.twitter.com/qQMp2KHbUB

  • Video of the explosion shows what appeared to be a small fire suddenly lighting up the night sky, as sparks and debris was launched high into the air.