H1B Visa: Indian national arrested in $21 million fraud

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H1B Visa Fraud (Image: Shutterstock)
H1B Visa Fraud (Image: Shutterstock)

Washington : An Indian national has been arrested in the US after it was learned that he was helping foreign nationals in obtaining H1B visa fraudulently.

He was arrested on Thursday for allegedly using four corporations to orchestrate the improper submission of fraudulent applications for H-1B specialty-occupation work visas, federal prosecutors said.

Charged with two counts of conspiracy, three counts of inducing an alien to come to and reside in the US for commercial advantage or private financial gain, and one count of attempted naturalisation fraud, Sawhney allegedly generated gross profits from 2011 to 2016 of approximately $21 million, the prosecutors said.

If found guilty by the US court, the Indian national will have to face the jail term of up to 10 years.

Ashish Sawhney also attempted to naturalise as a US citizen by submitting an application containing false statements, they said.