US Elections 2016: Dream over for Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump new American President

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US election Day battle
US election Day battle

Election Day will soon be over with the final results declaring Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. The country has already made clear that its choice is Trump and not Hillary; supporters are still waiting for the final results, but many know that the late projections have cleared the scenario- The Trump card is in and Hillary is out!

According to NBC projections, "The Senate will remain in Republican control, after Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey (R) beat out his Democratic challenger Katie McGinty to retain his seat, dashing the Democrats’ hope of a return to power in Congress next year. The House will remain in Republican control next year, after Democrats made only modest pickups, as Democrats also faced bleak odds of wresting the Senate from GOP control."

Los angeles : CLICK HERE: Watch the LIVE VIDEO of US election results and candidates here

This year’s Presidential Elections will be remembered for the cusp between divisive and diabolical politics of one of its kind. The ugly 2016 presidential campaign changed country’s demographics, shifted coalitions of the two major parties and created an environment of hate and accusations.

Ahead of the results, Trump said, “I would do “very well” in the crucial battleground states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, and acknowledge that after nearly a year and a half of campaigning the only thing left for me to do was wait and see. We’re going to win a lot of states. Who knows what happens ultimately?”

Meanwhile, Hillary was surrounded by other voters when her and former President Bill Clinton voted in Chappaqua, New York.

Speaking to reporters after registering her vote, she said, “It’s a humbling feeling. Will wait and watch what the people of America have decided for me.”

In a battle of the belts, voters are expected to witness a clear outcome tonight as total 538 votes will be declared by 1 AM.

Here is the timeline: (LIVE BLOG, Pacific Standard Time)

BREAKING: Clinton will win DE, DC, IL, MD, MA, NJ, RI; Trump will win OK, MS and TN, CNN projects #CNNElection

4:45 PM: A polling location in California, is currently on lockdown after a shooting happened nearby which injured at least two persons. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening outside the Memorial Park North Recreation Centre in Azusa which is located roughly 30 miles outside Los Angeles.

5:00 PM: As American voters go to the polls, the Kremlin said Tuesday it was looking forward to "restoring" relations with the United States after the vote.

5:15 PM: DonaldTrump leads #HillaryClinton 19-3 in the race to 270 electoral votes: CNN Projection #USElection2016

  • Donald Trump wins West Virginia, Too early to call in crucial state of Ohio and too early in North Carolina, predict US networks
  • HillaryClinton wins Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island and District of Columbia, predict US networks
  • HillaryClinton leads #DonaldTrump 68-48 in the race to 270 electoral votes, predict US networks #USElection2016
  • Donald Trump wins Oklahoma, Tennessee and Mississippi. Florida, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire are too early to call: US networks prediction
  • DonaldTrump wins South Carolina: AP Projection #USElection2016

5:30 PM:  

5:40 PM:

6: 00 PM:

6:15 PM:

6:20 PM:

  • Cliffhanger in #Florida, Donald Trump leads Clinton by 8000 votes (approx), 88% results in, predict US networks

8:00 PM:

10: 00 PM:

10:30 PM: Donald Trump will win Alaska’s 3 electoral votes, CNN projects

10:45 PM: Donald Trump has won Pennsylvania, a handful of electoral votes away from winning the Presidency

10:50 PM: America #facepalm

10:55PM: President Obama's message to America: “No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning, and America will still be the greatest nation on earth” 

11:50 PM: Hillary Clinton calls Donald Trump to concede US Presidential Elections 2016

12:00 AM: 'I love my country'- Donald Trump says after being elected US President 2016.