In 146 years, Chicago faces snow drought for first time

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Washington : For the first time in last 146 years, Chicago is going through a snow-drought winter, with January and February passing without a flake.

According to a report in NBC News on Tuesday, Chicago averages over 40 inches of snow per winter and the city always preps and for months revving up "a fleet" of snow plows and salt trucks to service over "280 snow routes."

During the months it experiences severe cold, Chicago witnessed temperatures hitting spring-like highs, without any signs of snow.

"Forecasts predicted a bad winter so I got the thickest, warmest coat I could find. But honestly I've only used it a few days this winter," a Chicago resident Ella Cole was quoted as saying.

"I'll guess I'll save it for next year," Cole added.

According to the National Weather Service, the last measurable day of snow came on Christmas Day.

"While chances of snowfall decrease after this point. March and even April are far from immune from crippling snow storms," said the National Weather Service on its Facebook page.