In China, toddler rides his toy car through morning traffic

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China toddler
China toddler

Los angeles : In a shocking scene that happened in China, a surveillance camera captured a policeman saving a child who was playing on a toy car in the middle of a busy road in Lishui City.

The incident was recorded  in east China's Zhejiang Province where the boy, aged about three, was seen riding his toy car on a major road in the city amidst the traffic during rush hour.

As soon as Wu Feng, a policeman in Lishui City, who was riding his motorcycle to a job at the time spotted the child, he rescued him.

According to Wu, "It was over eight and I was going for a rush-hour duty. I left from the police office at 8:00am. When I rode out of the gate, I saw a little kid on the road riding on his toy car through the traffic. It was very dangerous with many big vehicles around him, so without a second thought I rushed to the kid immediately and took him to the side of the road."

Later, the boy’s mother was sought out by other group of policemen and the kid was handed over.