Indian-origin Democrat compared to Donald Trump, faces hate campaign

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Rick Singh
Rick Singh

Los angeles : Smearing attacks on Donald Trump have now turned against an Indian-origin Democrat running for a local office in Florida.

In an unusual attack, the Republicans in Florida sent a flyer to Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh of fraud and scandals just like their own presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Singh is seeking re-election against Republican Edward DeAguilera when the subjections were made to him by the Orange County residents painting him as corrupt.

The mailer read :"Rick Singh = Donald Trump" and has been distributed in the Orlando area by Leadership for Florida's Future political committee.

This committee is partly funded by the state Republican party. Singh has also been targeted on internet and social media advertising by outside groups.

The mailer accuses Singh of scandals including funneling money from his public position to his family's charity. He is even charged of belonging to a Facebook group that demeans women.

"Rick Singh has a lot in common with Donald Trump. Scandal. Dirty Deals. Disdain for Women.".

However, Singh has a different note to share: "I'm the complete opposite of Donald Trump. I was raised by a single mother who worked three jobs as a maid to make ends meet...I find it humorous that the Republican Party of Florida would compare me to Donald Trump."


"I find the targeting very racist. They're targeting Hispanics who just moved to this part of the country, and English is perhaps a second language. So they're really predators on those new members of society who will see a picture of Donald Trump, see a picture of me, and react to it," Singh said.