Las Vegas Bellagio hotel armed robbery panics tourists, one arrested

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Bellagio attack
Bellagio attack

Los Angeles : Las Vegas was in for a shock on Saturday after a gunman opened fire during an armed robbery at iconic Bellagio hotel terrifying terrorists and creating chaos.

After hearing the sounds of gunshots, terrified tourists sought shelter amid a chaotic scene.

According to police, at least three people entered a high-end store inside the resort early Saturday morning, including one who fired gunshots.

Witnesses and photos show that the armed burgulary took place at the Bellagio's Rolex store. A picture also shows a person in a pig mask with a gun in hand. After the incident, one person has been taken into custody. 

As soon as the shots were heard, guests and tourists flee the hotel and head out to the strip, soon they were informed about the armed robbery act.

Some people also tweeted their reactions- one panicked woman said she hid under a table. 

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, "We received a call at 12.50 am and apprehended a suspect at 2:15 am. Nobody was injured". 

Parts of the casino property remain closed as authorities investigate. People have been advised to avoid the area around the Bellagio.