Neither created nor transmitted coronavirus: China

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Neither created nor transmitted coronavirus: China
Neither created nor transmitted coronavirus: China

Beijing : China has issued a statement debunking all claims that they have created the coronavirus and also transmitted it to the world. The officials also claimed that the use of phrases like "Chinese virus" or "Wuhan virus" is incorrect.

Ji Rong, spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in India, claimed that it is time when the world must look at the swift action China took against the virus rather than "stereotyping the Chinese people".

Elaborating on the cooperation between India and China in efforts to battle the illness, Rong stated each nations have maintained communication and have lent help to one another in dealing with the pandemic via troublesome instances.

He stated the Indian facet has offered medical provides to China and supported its battle in opposition to the contagion in varied methods.

“We express appreciation and thanks for that,” he added.

Talking about the WHO claims on slow response from China and Wuhan during the spread of the virus, the spokesperson stated: "Those people who are trying to stigmatise China’s efforts have ignored the huge sacrifices the Chinese people made in safeguarding the health and safety of all mankind."

Meanwhile, he has claimed that it is true that the first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan but this does not establishes that it was originated in China. 

Rong stated the origin of the novel coronavirus is a matter of science that requires skilled and scientific evaluation.

"China has neither created the virus nor intentionally transmitted it. The so-called ‘Chinese virus’ is absolutely wrong," he stated.

"At the early stage of the outbreak, China took decisive decision to lock down Wuhan and cancel outbound tourist groups to prevent the spread of the epidemic," the spokesperson stated.