Non-veg note: Bank of England denies to withdraw

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New Delhi : It is hard to believe England’s new 5 pound note contains animal fat. It’s bizarre but true. The vegetarian groups, including Hindus have been protesting against the Bank of England and demanding to withdraw it. But the Bank of England said it will be keeping the new five-pound note in circulation.

According to reports, the new polymer note issued last year contains tallow, which comes from beef or mutton fat.

The central bank said while it had instructed its polymer suppliers to research alternative ingredients other than animal-fats in the manufacturing of the new 20-pound notes.  

The alternatives could include the use of palm oil or coconut oil as a substitute.

The Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB), an umbrella body of Hindu organisations, had campaigned for people to sign a petition to withdraw the notes and avoid its use in donations.