Royal death scare: Twitter hoax convinced Britain that Queen was dead

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Queen Elizabeth II death hoax
Queen Elizabeth II death hoax

Los Angeles : Twitterati last night had some real fun after a fake BBC account reported that the Queen had died.

Well, if you are also wondering about her health, don’t worry we can assure you she is absolutely fine.

In fact, the hoax created so much trouble that the Buckingham Palace on Friday issued a statement confirming that the Queen is fit and fine.

The Palace spokesman’s statement read: ‘The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh continue to recover from their heavy colds.’

The news was reported on Twitter by a spoof BBC news account which sent people into meltdown after announcing her death on Thursday evening.

And, judging by 2016’s track record of deaths, the rumours caught up with the spoof soon enough.

Soon internet was full of conspiracy theorists who even accused the British press of trying to cover it up by using the #mediablackout to spread their claims.

A person claimed to have spotted television news teams gathering outside the Palace.

Another one confirmed on Twitter that BBC staff had already started wearing black in preparation to go into mourning.

The rumours were an instant hit with several started mourning after the Queen who was already reportedly ill last week and did not attend Christmas Day mass and cancelled her visit to Sandringham Palace due to a ‘heavy cold’.


Fortunately, she’s on the mend and will hopefully be back soon.