Spoof on BBC video depicts how a woman would have handled a situation

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BBC spoof video
BBC spoof video

Los Angeles : If you have watched last week’s BBC video of a professor father’s worst nightmare when his kids crashed his live News video interview then you need to watch the new spoof video by a comedy channel of the same portraying a woman in the same circumstances. 

The video shows how a woman deals in such a situation and involves chuckle-worthy moments about how a working mom handles any such situation.

The New Zealand comedy show Jono and Ben shows a woman breezing through questions about the political crisis in South Korea while caring for her children, cooking a turkey, steam-cleaning a shirt, cleaning a toilet, defusing a bomb and finally helping her husband find a sock.

The video is a copy of the original one with some fun elements and showcase how the woman turns out to multi-faceted.

At one point the interviewer also mentions about re-scheduling the interview but the lady doesn’t takes no for an answer instead finishes the interview without breaking a sweat, and heads off to help her husband find the lost sock.

The message in the video includes: “Shout out to all the working women out there defusing bombs on a regular basis!”

The whole world saw it when Professor Robert Kelly’s kids interrupted his BBC interview last week.

As seen in the hilarious footage, the Professor was speaking to the news anchor when his toddler swaggered into the shot, followed by other baby in bouncer, and then with the wife trying to shut the whole thing down.

The video immediately went viral garnering many pageviews.

Have you watched it yet! If not, watch it here.