Total solar eclipse tops NASA online viewing records

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Total solar eclipse tops NASA online viewing records
Total solar eclipse tops NASA online viewing records

Washington : The total solar eclipse of August 21 attracted more traffic to NASA websites than any other event on record, according to data revealed by the US space agency.

"With more than 90 million page views on and, we topped our previous web traffic record about seven times over," NASA officials wrote.

It was one of the biggest internet events in recent history and by far the biggest online event NASA has ever measured. 

"We estimate more than 40 million views of our live broadcast on and multiple social platforms," NASA said. 

There have been nearly 27 million unique views on Facebook before and after the eclipse, and 12.1 million unique views were recorded on on's Eclipse Live page during the event, peaking at between two and three million simultaneous views. 

The numbers alone are several times larger than reported streaming numbers for recent Super Bowls, putting the eclipse in the realm of major news, sports and entertainment events. 

In addition to the main television broadcast, there were nearly 12 million unique viewers across other video feeds from telescopes and events.

NASA scientists are studying the data gathered from spacecraft, aircraft, ground observations and scientific balloons to learn more about the Sun and Moon, and even learn about the effect of a Mars-like environment on life.

The next big American eclipse will occur in 2024.