UN calls for swift formation of new government in Iraq

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UN calls for swift formation of new government in Iraq
UN calls for swift formation of new government in Iraq

United Nations : The top UN envoy in Iraq on Wednesday asked for the swift formation of an inclusive government in Iraq following the May 12 parliamentary elections.

"The post-election phase represents a crucial time for Iraq," Jan Kubis, the UN secretary-general's special representative for Iraq, told the Security Council, Xinhua reported.

"We urge political leaders to prioritize inclusive, non-sectarian dialogue, and to ensure the swift formation of a new truly national government that reflects the will of the people of Iraq."

It is essential that the new government works as one across the sectarian and ethnic divides in pursuing much-needed political, economic and social reforms, while working to improve the economy, public services delivery and social justice, said Kubis.

Such a new government will guarantee the future of Iraq as a stable, prosperous, united, democratic, fully sovereign and independent federal state with good relations with all its neighbors based on mutual respect, non-interference, and common interests as a factor of stability, cooperation and prosperity, also in the region, he said.

The May 12 elections were held in a generally calm and stable environment, but were marked by a low voter turnout of only 44.52 percent, said Kubis.

The decision by more than half of the voting population not to exercise their democratic right sends a strong signal to the elites ruling the country since 2003, he said. "I urge the Iraqi political elites to draw the necessary conclusions on the need for improved representation, justice for all, democratic accountability and good governance void of corruption, sectarian quota system, nepotism and patronage."