US President Donald Trump tests negative to coronavirus

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US President Donald Trump tests negative to coronavirus
US President Donald Trump tests negative to coronavirus

Washington : The US President Donald Trump has been tested negative for the new coronavirus, according to the president’s personal physician.

The results were made public by the White House on Saturday night after Donald Trump announced that he has taken the coronavirus test. 

On Saturday, Donald Trump spoke with reporters at a White House briefing and confirmed that his temperature has been taken and it was "totally normal." 

In the US, more than 2200 cases of coronavirus have been registered with at least 50 deaths.

He was tested after it was learned that the president had multiple direct and indirect contacts with people who have since tested positive for the virus.

On Saturday, the White House announced that it is now conducting temperature checks on anyone who is in close contact with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, including reporters who attend a White House briefing and anyone entering the Oval Office.

Pence also wrote a memo to White House staff Saturday reminding them to take precautions such as avoiding physical contact, washing hands frequently and staying home when sick.

"It’s imperative each one of us do our part to take the proper precautions to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe," Pence wrote. "As an employee aboard the White House Complex, we have an additional duty to protect the health of our Executive Branch and those working with us."