VIRAL STORY: Driver gets paid only $295 for 'the longest ride in Uber history'

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Uber record history
Uber record history

Los Angeles : Most of us take Uber rides and often get charged up modestly, but one driver who clocked up what is believed to be the longest Uber ride ever got paid only little sum in the name of adventure.

The ride was taken up by Janis Rogers who drove 397 miles from outside a Ben & Jerry’s in Williamsburg, Virginia to Brooklyn, New York.

According to Rogers, her rider wanted to go and see her boyfriend and took around 8 hours without going to toilet.

The ride cost the woman $294.09 (£233.88) and she returned to Virginia at about 3.45am.

Rogers said: “I was wide awake and kept on going. I don’t have a problem with going for a long time. It was an adventure. When my passenger– who was about 19 or 20 – asked ‘how far north can you take me? I said I would take her all the way. She didn’t seem excited to see her boyfriend. She was kind of blasé. She looked tired.”

She also mentioned that her passenger slept for most of the trip as she had been probably travelling up the east coast, Uber to Uber.


When asked if it was worth it? Rogers said she only earned $9 an hour for 15.5 hours’ work and she spent $32 on petrol and tolls. She said she didn’t feel it was ‘lucrative’