Viral video: Women's fight over LA parking spot; fists, feet, and four-letter words fly

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Women fight over parking lot in LA
Women fight over parking lot in LA

Los Angeles : A viral video of a parking lot brawl between two women is making rounds on social media. As seen in the video, the two women in South LA were literally fighting over a parking space on South Western avenue; tensions escalated thus turning the entire incident into a demolition derby.

The dramatic video was captured by a bystander which showed that the women were arguing for a parking space near the 8400 block of South Western Avenue on Sunday.

Fists, feet, and four-letter words fly; then suddenly, one of the women tries to drive away -- and then it gets even uglier.

If this was not enough, after the fighting marginalized, a woman suddenly jumped into a white SUV, revved the engine and the video showed her smashing into a silver SUV.

This all happened when there were passengers standing nearby watching the ugly fight scene.

Not just that the vehicle then collided several more times as both the women maneuvered their cars back and forth in the small parking lot.

After a last solid side-swipe, the white SUV takes drives away down the street but takes out a fire hydrant in the process. The LAPD says it is investigating the incident.