US President Donald Trump's first week in Oval office- Five takeaways!

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President Trump in office
President Trump in office

Los Angeles : US President Donald Trump has wreaked havoc in the first week of his presidency. The first week of the Trump administration has been marked by a flurry of executive actions — and lots of bombast and argument with the press.

Here are five takeaways from President Donald Trump's first full week in office:

Very Trump chaos

In the first seven days, Trump’s administration has been a blur of order and disorder, distraction and progress, movement, backtracking and public arguments. 

Creating fights

Trump’s team has been sending a message to universe that nothing is off-limit, all issues will be dealt with strong opinions. They are creating fights in areas that used to be off-limits, challenging the very definition of truth.

A flurry of executions

In the first seven days so many orders were passed by Trump, who kept his campaign promises such as the border wall, “extreme vetting” for refugees from some Muslim countries, Mexican border row and repealing Obamacare and scaling back trade deals. 

Now, members of Trump’s own team are confused about the next steps.

America first, world Second

Trump has stated the fact and now started working on the slogan. His assault on globalism i.e. moves to end trade deals, order up the border wall and move away from international climate accords has put other leaders in tight spot. What he will say to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he’s scheduled to speak to for the first time over the weekend, remains to be seen.

Trump’s policies or casualness

Trump’s statements are ver counter-reacting. He announces border tax only to be rescinded hours later. He says that torture works, but later adds that he’ll probably let his Defense secretary overrule him. Scheduled executive orders have been pulled back, with drafts circulating widely in advocacy circles. His casualness and unruliness has become a real concern to his own White House staff.