Gear up for Bajaj's new electric scooter roll out

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Gear up for Bajaj's new electric scooter roll out (Image:
Gear up for Bajaj's new electric scooter roll out (Image:

Delhi : Soon, the country's market for electric two-wheelers will welcome a new electric scooter from Bajaj Motors. It will be called Bajaj Blade, if several reports are accurate. The business will include a strong battery pack and a lengthy driving range in it. This new electric scooter has a tonne of contemporary features that you can see. We will inform you about the company's future electric scooter in this post today.

Specs of this brand-new Bajaj scooter

In terms of the electric scooter's battery pack, it has a 50.4 V/60.4 Ah battery. So if you charge once every 24 hours, then this scooter of yours will operate up to a range of 100 kilometres. This company's scooter also comes with a cutting-edge braking mechanism. Thus, it would be quite secure. You will obtain a superior suspension system for a comfortable ride with this company's scooter.

Characteristics of this new Bajaj scooter

You'll find a lot of contemporary features in this brand-new electric scooter. It has adequate room for a business laptop and a helmet. Each of its wheels have disc brakes to enhance stopping power. The cyclist will find this to be quite convenient.

The scooter company also provides a wide range of additional cutting-edge features, including Digital Mobile Connect, Remote Start, Bluetooth, WiFi, Navigation, Call, SMS Alert, Digital Speedometer, Digital Instrument Console, and Digital Trip Meter.

The business will incorporate cutting-edge technologies and a powerful battery into an electric scooter. Due of this, it is fairly expensive. The cost could be a little bit more in this circumstance. Let us state that no official information regarding this electric scooter has yet been released by the firm. Nonetheless, it is anticipated that it would be offered in the nation's market for Rs 1.50 lakh.