Honda Dio H-smart makes debut in India, priced at Rs. 77,712

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Honda Dio H-smart makes debut in India, priced at Rs. 77,712 (Image:
Honda Dio H-smart makes debut in India, priced at Rs. 77,712 (Image:

Delhi : Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has recently launched the Dio H-Smart in the Indian market, as reflected on their official website. Priced at Rs. 77,712 (ex-showroom), the Honda Dio H-Smart is positioned as the top variant in the Dio lineup. The regular variants of the Dio have also witnessed a slight price increase due to the updates required for meeting the BSVI stage 2 emission norms.

Enhanced Design and Features

The Honda Dio H-Smart is expected to come equipped with alloy wheels, contributing to a lighter overall weight. While detailed specifications have not yet been revealed, this feature is anticipated to be a highlight of the scooter.

Enhanced Security Features

With the Mapped Smart ECU system, the Dio H-Smart acts as a robust security device by electronically matching the identification (ID) between the ECU and Smart Key. This feature effectively prevents vehicle theft. The scooter is equipped with an immobilizer system that bars non-registered keys from starting the engine, further enhancing its security measures. Moreover, the smart key allows riders to effortlessly start the vehicle by rotating the knob on the Lock Mod to the ignition position and pressing the start button, all without removing the key, as long as the smart key is within a two-meter range.

Convenient and Safe Riding Experience

The Dio H-Smart provides a user-friendly riding experience with the answer back button on the Honda Smart Key, causing all four turn indicators to blink twice. The smart key system allows for seamless locking and unlocking of the vehicle without the need for a physical key. In case of inactivity for twenty seconds after activation, the scooter automatically deactivates for added safety.

Improved Performance and Emission Standards

The Dio H-Smart is powered by a 109 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that has been upgraded to comply with the latest emission standards. It is projected to deliver a maximum power of approximately 7.8 bhp and a peak torque of 9 Nm.

Smart Key Technology and Convenient Functions

One of the notable features of the Dio H-Smart is the inclusion of Honda's Smart Key technology. This advanced key offers various functions such as Smart Find, Smart Unlock, Smart Start, and Smart Safe. By incorporating an engine start/stop switch that works in two directions, the scooter provides the convenience of easily starting or stopping the engine with a simple press. The H-Smart variant also introduces a Lock Mod, enabling a 5-in-1 function without the need for a physical key. Additionally, the smart key assists in quickly locating the vehicle.

In summary, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has introduced the Dio H-Smart, the top variant in the Dio lineup. With its enhanced design, performance upgrades, and advanced features like Smart Key technology, the Dio H-Smart aims to offer a convenient, secure, and enjoyable riding experience to customers.