Motofaast electric scooter by Okaya EV Now available at 1.37 Lakh: Available in 7 colour

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Motofaast electric scooter by Okaya EV Now available at 1.37 Lakh: Available in 7 colour (Image:
Motofaast electric scooter by Okaya EV Now available at 1.37 Lakh: Available in 7 colour (Image:

Delhi : The introduction of the Motofaast, which gives the conventional electric scooter a new identity with an inventive "Scoobike" style, allows Okaya EV to broaden its product line. Customers can expect a unique experience from this design, which combines the comforts of a scooter with the feel of a bike for a more enjoyable ride and improved handling.  This scooter is intended for anyone seeking a fashionable, feature-rich, and secure mode of transportation. It was created with a significant emphasis on unique design and features as well as very high safety requirements.

Because of its remarkable safety, LPF battery technology is widely appreciated, especially in India's hot environment. An additional safety element of the scooter is an incident buzzer, which alerts the user at least five minutes in advance in the event of a thermal runaway. In addition, the scooter has an IP67 rating and is certified by ICAT in accordance with the AIS 156 Phase 2 Amendment, guaranteeing that all of the vehicle's vital components are safeguarded in compliance with Indian government safety regulations. Okaya's Motofaast has exceptional performance along with an abundance of safety measures, such as a Combi Disc braking system for both the front and rear wheels.

Essential Elements of the Okaya Motofaast

Safest Battery and Stylish Design: This scooter is designed to fit your lifestyle, providing you with a comfortable ride and a distinctive appearance. Even in hot weather, the large LFP battery ensures your safety and the safety of your scooter. With over 2000 cycles, this special form of LFP battery provides you with a continuous power source for an extended period of time, regardless of the weather.

Provides you longest-lasting optimal range: With two 3.5 kWh batteries, it delivers a powerful 2300W of power, making it ideal for folks who are always on the go. It has a remarkable range of 110 to 130 km and a top speed of 70 km/h. It just takes four to five hours to recharge. Moreover, it has three driving modes: sports, city, and eco.

Smoother Ride and Enhanced Performance: With a top speed of 70 km/h, this electric scooter is ideal for commuting inside cities, particularly during rush hour. It also has diamond-cut wheels that look stylish, 12-inch tires that don't require tubes, and brakes on both the front and rear wheels. Its rear shock absorbers employ hydraulic technology and springs, while its front suspension resembles a telescope.

Customers who are interested in purchasing a Motofaast Scoobike may do so by visiting the official website and paying INR 2,499 in order to reserve one. Next month, the first deliveries are expected to start in Delhi and Jaipur.

Final declares of the Okaya Motofaast

Okaya EV's integration of cutting-edge, environmentally conscious, and sustainable technology makes it clear that the company is well-positioned to not only outperform its competitors but also have a positive market influence. With its amazing features and choices for zero emissions, the Okaya MOTOFASST is sure to satisfy a wide range of client needs and demands. We hope it succeeds and that eco-aware passengers will soon be able to experience convenience and environmental responsibility at the same time.

Cost and Shades of the Okaya Motofaast

The Okaya EV Motofaast Electric Scooter is available in seven vibrant colors: Cyan, Rusty Orange, Red, White, Silver, Matt green, and Black. It is priced INR 1,36,999 (Ex-showroom).