Official statement: Triumph Speed 400 on-road price yet to be disclosed

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Official statement: Triumph Speed 400 on-road price yet to be disclosed (Image:
Official statement: Triumph Speed 400 on-road price yet to be disclosed (Image:

Delhi : On-road pricing for the Triumph Speed 400 is shown as costing 3.38 lakh in a screenshot that has been making the rounds on social media. This myth has already been dispelled by a statement issued by Bajaj Auto, who will be producing the Speed 400 at their new Chakan plant. The leaked screenshot is incorrect, according to the manufacturer, because the official on-road price parameters have not yet been disclosed.

Triumph shocked the market when they revealed that the Speed 400 will cost 2.33 lakh rupees ex-showroom. The cherry on top was that the first 10,000 buyers could get the vehicle for a special introductory price of $2.23 lakh ex-showroom.

According to a statement made in a formal press release by Bajaj Auto, "At Bajaj Auto Ltd., we are committed to our consumers and follow the highest standards of transparency, including pricing. We kindly ask all of our clients and the media to disregard any rumours about the new Triumph Speed 400's on-road price that are now circulating on various public and social media platforms. There are no on-road price criteria that the company has announced, although they would be consistent with its other products and industry standards. By the 10th of July, this will be released. For the first 10,000 clients, the Speed 400 is being offered at a discounted ex-showroom price of INR 2.23 lacs in Delhi; after that, the price will increase to INR 2.33 lacs ex-showroom, which is the standard pricing. 

Closer to delivery, state-specific ex-showroom and on-road pricing will be disclosed. The screenshot that was making the rounds on social media listed the following fees: ₹ 23,592 for insurance, ₹ 8,500 for an intro kit, ₹ 17,000 for delivery, ₹ 3,937 for RTO fees, ₹ 6,016 for RSA fees, and ₹ 46,553 for road tax. The on-road cost was 3.38,598 after adding the additional fees to the ex-showroom pricing of 2.33 lakh. What the intro kit contains and the reason for the exorbitant delivery fees were unclear. We will now have to wait until July 10 when Triumph will formally reveal the on-road price.