Okhi-90: Okinawa's futuristic take on the electric scooter

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Okhi-90: Okinawa's futuristic take on the electric scooter (Image: okinawascooters.com)
Okhi-90: Okinawa's futuristic take on the electric scooter (Image: okinawascooters.com)

Delhi : Okinawa, an electric two-wheeler company, revealed on Monday that it has updated its flagship electric scooter model Okhi-90 with a new AIS-156 Amendment 3 compatible battery pack, a next-generation motor, and improved connection capabilities. The scooter now has an updated encoder-based motor for precise positioning, a better driving experience, and simple maintenance.

The improved Okhi-90 additionally includes a coloured digital speedometer with built-in navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, call and notification alerts, a clock display, and music notifications. The electric scooter also has mobile app connectivity, which allows for real-time battery SOC monitoring, real-time speed tracking, and on/off notifications.

The 2023 Okhi-90 scooter has a 175 mm ground clearance to accommodate Indian road conditions. It includes a micro-charger with an auto-cut feature and a regenerative Electronic-Assisted Braking System (E-ABS). The vehicle has a range of 160 km per charge and can reach speeds of up to 80-90 kmph. The electric scooter includes GPS sensing, real-time positioning, geo-fencing, and turn-by-turn navigation aid. The scooter may be remotely controlled by connecting it to any mobile device using the Okinawa Connect App.

The scooter is outfitted with a variety of sensors that give intelligent features for increased safety and usability. This feature also allows it to be slid backward to make it easier to exit tight parking spaces. When parked, the scooter detects vibrations and can tell whether it has been tampered with. An anti-theft alert sounds in such instances.

The Okhi-90 was introduced in the country in 2022, and the firm claims that it received over 10,000 bookings in its first month. Deliveries of the updated OKhi-90 electric scooter are set to begin in September of this year.