Triumph Speed 400: Retro-styled performance for India

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Triumph Speed 400: Retro-styled performance for India (Image:
Triumph Speed 400: Retro-styled performance for India (Image:

Delhi : Triumph, a British two-wheeler company, has introduced a cheap, powerful engine bike in India. The Speed 400 is the name of this fantastic bicycle. The Royal Enfield and Jawa motorcycles are the main competitors for this bike on the market. There is a 6-speed manual gearbox on the Triumph Speed 400. It boasts a powerful, single-cylinder, 398.15 cc engine. It has switchable traction control, LED headlamps, and an analogue instrument cluster with LCD.

The Triumph Speed 400 may be reserved in advance on the Triumph India website for a nominal fee of Rs 2,000. It is equipped with dual-channel ABS and disc brakes for safety. The motor of the motorcycle will produce 39.5 horsepower and 37.5 nm of torque. The motorcycle's 43 mm upside-down (USD) front forks and gas-charged mono-shock absorber provide a smooth ride for the rider even on bad routes. The bike's seat is comfy and comes in a variety of appealing colours.

Accident risk is reduced with ABS technology. The wheel sensor powers this system. The ABS is turned on when it detects difficult driving conditions. When an accident occurs, quick braking offers the driver more time to control the car than a regular braking system would. The anti-lock brakes are automatically activated by the sensor. There is a chance that the car could skid dangerously on the road surface (particularly on wet conditions) if the wheels of the car lock up when the brakes are applied.

When a tyre slips, ABS is triggered. By doing this, lock-up and sliding in slick circumstances are avoided. Using ABS differs significantly from using conventional brakes. The ABS system won't engage if you are stopping normally at a stop sign, red light, or a slow-moving car in front of you. When the brakes are rapidly applied while travelling at a high speed, the ABS will instantly engage.