3 Incredible cars and their features, all under ₹ 6 lakh

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3 Incredible cars and their features, all under ₹ 6 lakh (Image: renault.co.in)
3 Incredible cars and their features, all under ₹ 6 lakh (Image: renault.co.in)

Delhi : In market of car industry, another new vehicles are constantly being introduced every weeks. On the other side, there are three such vehicles operating constantly. Which is thriving in the business industry. In addition, you will be given interesting benefits and increased mileage.

If you also intend to purchase a vehicle for between five and six lakhs. So be sure to read this article all the way through. Which cars with excellent features and a powerful motor can you purchase for Rs. 6,00,000? Which three cars are those?

Renault Kwid

If you want to buy the finest vehicle for the cheapest price. Therefore, the Renault Kwid will be your finest choice. The business has released four distinct versions of this car on the market. Its RXL version is the first variation. Its RXL (O) version is the second variation. Its RXT is the third variation. The Climber is its fourth variation. Let us inform you that the market price of this vehicle's 1.0 RXT version is 6 lakh rupees. This cost represents the on-road cost.

Maruti Alto K10

Let us inform you that the business recently released the upgraded Maruti Alto K10. This Maruti Alto K10 now has a more potent motor and more digital functions. When it comes to the cost of this brand-new Maruti Alto K10, it begins at Rs. 3.99 lakhs. For Rs 6 lakh, you can purchase its VXi AT version and take it home. This is the efficiency guarantee made by Maruti Suzuki. that this car can deliver about 24 km per litre of fuel.

Maruti S-Presso

In the car industry of the India market, Maruti Suzuki produces a large number of the finest and most opulent vehicles. which the client also really enjoys. One of these is a Maruti vehicle. S-Presso installation. which a lot of individuals enjoy taking. This car offers excellent fuel in addition to other qualities. Instead, S-Presso offers a lot of fantastic features that you can take advantage of. This car has a 24 km per litre fuel efficiency rating. The cost of this car is Rs. 6 lakh on the open road.