Best selling Mahindra SUV that beats out Scorpio and XUV700

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Best selling Mahindra SUV that beats out Scorpio and XUV700 (Image:
Best selling Mahindra SUV that beats out Scorpio and XUV700 (Image:

Delhi : SUVs are the dominant vehicle class in the Indian auto market, outselling hatchbacks and sedans due to their practicality and high ground clearance, among other advantages. While most conventional manufacturers are currently shifting their focus to producing SUVs, Indian automaker Mahindra has, from the beginning, focused on producing utility vehicles. The most notable of these are the Scorpio, Thar, and XUV700. With the help of all of these SUVs, Mahindra has become one of the most well-known Indian automakers.

However, when it comes to sales, Mahindra's top models are neither the recently released Scorpio-N nor the XUV700, which has a 2-year waiting list.

With 7,311 units sold last month, a 38 percent increase over the 5,314 units Mahindra sold in December 2021, the Bolero is the best-selling SUV by brand in India, according to sales data.

  • Mahindra Scorpio/ Scorpio-N, which saw total sales of just over 7,000 vehicles and a significant 300 percent increase over the same period in 2021, came in second.
  • Mahindra was only able to sell 1,757 units in December 2021. A 20% increase from 3,980 units on December 21 to 5,623 units today puts the XUV700 in third place.
  • Mahindra Thar and XUV300 take the fourth and fifth spots, respectively, on the list of top three automobiles. The sales of the other vehicles were minimal.
  • Mahindra recorded a respectable YoY gain in sales for December 2022 thanks to a strong SUV lineup.
  • There was a 62.13 percent increase in overall dispatches from 17,476 units in December 2021 to 28,333 units in December 2022.