Concept cars at CES 2017: Five designs to die for!

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concept cars at CES 2017
concept cars at CES 2017

Los Angeles : Futuristic cars, robotic mechanisms and lots of adrenaline rush- these three things were witnessed at Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The technology hub showcased many big inventions, with around 170,000 visitors who took interest in all sorts of details.

Besides other technologies, love for futuristic cars was an emotion that ruled CES 2017.

From autonomous vehicles to concept cars and some real stunners, we give you our pick of the most futuristic cars of CES 2017.

Toyota Concept-i

The concept car looks wacky from outside, but inside it has amazing futuristic ideas to roll. One can be certain that it will not hit the roads before 2030 , yet it was a car lover's pride.

Talk about the cockpit or the self driving mode- everything was designed keeping the tech-savvy user in mind. The game-controller steering wheel got the maximum hoots, but 

There is a game controller-like steering wheel, for manual driving, but if the driver gets bored or distracted, the car's AI, called Yui, will take over.

Faraday Future FF 91

The car can manage a face melting 0-60mph time in a record breaking 2.39 seconds- all thanks to an all electric drive system with a whopping 1,050hp. And, when you will see the gadgets, we are sure you will forget about other things.

It uses facial recognition to unlock the car, a LIDAR along with cameras and sensors so it's future-ready for self-driving, plus a glass roof that can be tapped to change from clear to shade mode. Wow!

It will start production in 2018 after a deposit price of $5,000, (which is about £4,000). The total price will be in line with “a premium flagship model”.

Honda NeuV

The basic car company has also brought up an “Electric Urban Vehicle” that will feature an “emotion engine” - onboard software that generates emotions thus adding to the connection between passenger and car.

It is a concept for “level four autonomy”, meaning it's still a good few years from becoming a reality.

Rinspeed Oasis

The Swiss car makers have an autonomous two-seater that can rotate on the spot and responds to voices and gestures while featuring a personal assistant software and even a round work table with a keyboard for work on the move. Great isn't it!

BMW HoloActive Touch Concept, Fusion x64 TIFF File

The major car brand has shown projections that sit near the driver's hands while the car uses cameras to detect finger movements which can be used to make selections. It is a vision we must say!

For more designs and updates of tech and innovation at CES 2017 visit:

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