First glimpse: Introducing the Mahindra Scorpio-N global pikup

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First glimpse: Introducing the Mahindra Scorpio-N global pikup (Image:
First glimpse: Introducing the Mahindra Scorpio-N global pikup (Image:

Delhi : Mahindra is adding a pickup truck, or the Global Pik Up, as it is now known, to the Scorpio N family. The vehicle will be unveiled in South Africa at their now yearly August 15 event and go on sale around 2026. This was a natural progression given that every Scorpio model since its introduction in 2002 has included a pickup truck body shape, which is well-liked in international markets including Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

How does it look outside?

The Scorpio N shape is retained in the Global Pik Up idea, but it is longer, wider, and more massive. The new Mahindra twin-peak insignia are positioned in the center of a huge blacked-out grille that dominates the face. The automobile has a commanding presence thanks to its brand-new vertical LED DRLs and complete LED headlamps.

You can see from the profile that the concept car is a four-door twin cab design, but we also anticipate a two-door single cab design with a larger pickup bed when this goes into production. Large, thick wheels with an all-terrain pattern in the shape of a five-spoke diamond-cut design are used. Although the ground clearance has not yet been disclosed, it is evident from a single glance that it exceeds the minimum SUV requirement of 180mm. Quad-pattern taillamps, 4Xplorer badging, and, of course, a large and noticeable Mahindra moniker stenciled into the pickup's rear door are all there at the back.

A carrying rack attached on the roof, colored inserts in the steps, and tire mounts in the pickup truck were further accessories for the concept automobile. We anticipate that these will be provided as lifestyle accessories or standard fitments, depending on the market. If Mahindra is going for presence, then this pickup truck most certainly has plenty of it. Given how important this Bakkie/Ute is for next Mahindra vehicles, Mahindra must determine if it wants to continue using the Karoo name or create a new legacy.

How does it feel inside?

The test vehicle's inside was covered, but design sketches depict a space that is highly reminiscent to the Scorpio N's interior, complete with the same steering wheel, infotainment system, climate control interface, and even placement of components. It shares the same color scheme as the Scorpio N, but depending on the market, we anticipate a fully black cabin with silver accents when it is produced.

While most of the cabin's specifications are still a matter of conjecture, we are certain of the extras Mahindra will include with the pickup truck. There are also six airbags, Level 2 ADAS, 5G connection, a sunroof, semi-automatic parking, drive modes, and a Harman audio system—possibly with contributions from AR Rahman—on this list of active and passive safety features. By then, we anticipate seeing all of these features in the standard Scorpio N as well.

The second-generation pickup is 719mm longer, 80mm taller, and has a 360mm larger wheelbase than the second-generation Scorpio Classic or Scorpio. The pickup will be 5,380mm long, 1,930mm high, and have a wheelbase of 3,110mm if we apply these measurements to the Scorpio N, which measures 4,620mm, has a height of 1,850mm, and a wheelbase of 2,750mm. There is more than enough room for either a single cab design with a huge loading bed or a double cab design with a large loading bed.

What fuels its operation?

Officially, the 2.2-liter diesel engine that Mahindra uses to power the Scorpio N will be made available for the Global Pik Up. The output of this engine in both MT and AT 4WD configurations is 172 bhp/400 Nm. For the pickup, Mahindra has revealed a six-speed AT and six-speed MT. Mahindra also revealed the Scorpio at the worldwide launch, and this pickup will be a part of the new family of cars. A brand-new steel heavy ladder-on-frame platform will also make its debut with the Scorpio N pickup. According to Mahindra, the new automobile would be stiffer, lighter, and have better mounting points than vehicles built on the present platform.

How about price and rivalry?

This Scorpio pickup will have its own spinoff, unlike previous Scorpio picks that served as India's supporting character in the series. Due in part to the endurance of the Scorpio brand and the phenomenal success of the Scorpio N, India is now a developed enough market for lifestyle items. That formula should increase the likelihood that this pickup will be successful.

Before making its official debut in India in late 2026, the vehicle will first be shown in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, MENA countries, and South American states. We anticipate it to cost between Rs. 12 lakh and Rs. 22 lakh. It will be less expensive than vehicles like the Toyota Hilux, Isuzu D-Max V-Cross, and perhaps a future Tata variant.