Go Green with the Geely Panda Mini electric car: Price, features and more

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Go Green with the Geely Panda Mini electric car: Price, features and more (Image: zgh.com)
Go Green with the Geely Panda Mini electric car: Price, features and more (Image: zgh.com)

Delhi : Geely Holding Company is the parent company of Qianjiang Motorcycles, Volvo Cars, Lotus Cars, London Electric Vehicle Company, and Geely Auto as a brand. One of the world's oldest car manufacturers, the company's primary market is China.

Little electric automobiles are popular among city inhabitants in China, where there is a market for them. The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV and MG Air routinely lead the sales charts in China. In many ways, these cars are typically cutesy and toy-like, which is excellent since it appeals to the target population.

New mini EV Geely Panda

Geely recently presented its new Panda Mini EV under the Geome subsidiary brand with that market in mind. You got it, the focus of this vehicle is pandas. Thanks to the company's design, this car successfully imitates or comes close to the cuteness of a genuine Panda.

China is widely renowned for its smog and congested major cities. A tiny electric car is a gift in situations like these and is probably more inexpensive when compared to large electric vehicles with vast batteries and powerful engines.

The Geely Panda Mini EV tries to have the same sweetness a panda does. In that regard, their outside design is toy-like. It pays homage to pandas with front and rear bumper designs that have black inlays that imitate the black patches under a panda's eyes. Air can enter through a tiny rectangular aperture to cool the batteries. Blocking covers the remaining front fascia.

Round LED DRLs surround the headlight, and in the middle of them is a hole with the Geome emblem, which is most likely the entry to its charging system. It also generates ORVMs that darken and resemble panda ears.

There are yet more references to pandas. Alloy wheel hubs that are designed to mimic panda paws complete the overall Panda-inspired aesthetic. The Panda Mini Electric Car, which had panda figurines and pink and light blue colours all over it, was on show by Geely in Hangzhou.

Specs & its Features

There are two doors for access and departure, and there is enough seat for four persons to sit. A large infotainment screen and a digital instrument cluster take up much of the pink cabin. Additional features include a panoramic sunroof, functional climate control buttons, and more. It is little over 3 metres long and 1.5 metres broad. The Panda Mini EV has a 2.01-meter wheelbase and stands 1.6 metres tall.

It is rumoured that a lithium-ferrous phosphate battery made by Guoxuan High-Tech powers it. In terms of driving distance, one charge should last around 150 kilometres. With a motor that produces 40 horsepower (30 kW), this little vehicle should be able to move. In China, the Geely Panda Mini EV is expected to cost between 40,000 and 50,000 Yuan (approx Rs. 4.73 lakh to Rs. 5.92 lakh). It principally contends with the MG Air EV and the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, both of which will soon be accessible in India.