Maruti Grand Vitara CNG - An in-depth look at its useful boot space

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Maruti Grand Vitara CNG - An in-depth look at its useful boot space (Image: Maruti Suzuki)
Maruti Grand Vitara CNG - An in-depth look at its useful boot space (Image: Maruti Suzuki)

Delhi : There was a void in the Indian small SUV market after Duster became extinct and failed to differentiate itself from competitors. The AWD system that the Duster once offered was surprisingly effective because to its agility. The Duster was a true enthusiast vehicle as well, and no other compact SUV provided AWD.

Sales charts love Creta and Seltos. There is nothing special to offer other features, aside from a tech-savvy and lengthy features list. Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder excel in this area. They provide three specialties that are unavailable from other compact SUVs. AWD, powerful hybrid technology, and now a CNG bi-fuel option.

Walkaround Grand Vitara CNG

Delta MT and Zeta MT, Grand Vitara CNG variants, are available for Rs. 12.85 lakh and Rs. 14.84 lakh, respectively (both prices ex-sh). We now have a first-look walkaround of the Grand Vitara, courtesy of sansCARi sumit, so we can see how the CNG option affects boot space and luggage carrying capabilities.

Before you ask, only mild hybrid powertrain options are available for CNG powertrains. Strong hybrid versions marketed as Intelligent Hybrid lack CNG. Additionally, only manual transmission is available for mild hybrid models with CNG bi-fuel possibilities; automatic transmission is not. And lastly, CNG variants lack AWD.

Nothing has changed on the outside but a CNG sticker on the windscreen. There are no other obvious clues to distinguish CNG variations. There are many advantages to having factory-installed CNG equipment.

They have two interdependent ECUs and are referred to as S-CNG. The pipes and joints made of stainless steel are more secure and less likely to corrode or leak. Like the primary wire harness, all wiring harnesses are integrated. A micro switch ensures that the car does not start while being refuelled with CNG.

The opening for filling S-CNG is next to the one for gasoline. Maruti modifies the rear suspension of vehicles equipped with S-CNG to accommodate the extra weight. Limited luggage carrying capacity is the biggest disadvantage of CNG automobiles. The Grand Vitara CNG is the same. As shown, there is still a significant amount of boot room available despite the CNG tank.

Specifications and Features

The instrument cluster of Maruti Suzuki S-CNG versions features a separate fuel level metre. A separate button is available to switch between CNG and gasoline. The 1.5L Dual Jet, Dual VVT K15-C engine produces 136 Nm and 101 horsepower when running on gasoline. It has 88 horsepower and 121.5 Nm on CNG.

The Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara CNG advertises a 26.6 km/kg fuel economy. Although it does not compare to powerful hybrid variations, it is nonetheless respectable on its own. CNG is the best option if upfront cost and maintenance costs are an issue. For an additional Rs. 95K over ICE-only competitors.