MG ZS EV sales exceed 10,000: Electric revolution is here

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MG ZS EV sales exceed 10,000: Electric revolution is here (Image:
MG ZS EV sales exceed 10,000: Electric revolution is here (Image:

Delhi : In India, the MG ZS EV is a pioneer in the field of electric cars. The MG ZS EV is a unique vehicle that is revolutionising how we travel, with sales of 10,000 units and counting. ZS EV, which comes in two variations called Excite and Exclusive, combines fashion, performance, and sustainability.

A cutting-edge 50.3kWh prismatic cell battery powers the MG ZS EV. With this powerhouse, range anxiety is a thing of the past thanks to its amazing 461 km* of travel per charge. Additionally, the ZS EV complies with several international safety standards, including as ASIL-D, IP69K, and UL2580, guaranteeing a safe and dependable driving experience. 

With rising market share and broad acceptance of electric cars as consumers embrace the advantages of cleaner and greener mobility alternatives, EV market trends point to a transition towards sustainable transportation.

MG ZS EV's Intuitive Infotainment and Digital Cluster: Elevate Your Drive

 Upon entering the MG ZS EV, a 25.7cm HD touchscreen infotainment system welcomes you. Controlling your music, navigation, and car settings is simple with this user-friendly interface. A comprehensive digital cluster with a 17.78cm inbuilt LCD screen complements the infotainment system by giving you real-time information on your driving experience.

Comfort and convenience are given top priority in the design of the MG ZS EV. It has a sky roof with two panes that is panoramic. A PM 2.5 filter is installed inside the vehicle. Everyone in the car may enjoy a comfortable and cool atmosphere thanks to the rear AC vent.

Powering Up Anywhere: The Variety of Charging Options for the MG ZS EV

ZS EV comes with MG i-SMART, which offers an astounding assortment of more than 75 connected car functions, embracing the era of connection. You no longer need a physical key to lock, unlock, or start your car thanks to the digital key that uses Bluetooth technology. A hassle-free parking experience is guaranteed with the rear drive assist feature, the 360? around view camera, and the rear parking sensors. 

Six charging methods, including DC super-fast chargers and AC fast chargers, are offered by the MG ZS EV. In addition to a portable charger that comes with the car, MG dealerships easily provide AC fast chargers. Owners of ZS EVs can install a charger at their residence or place of business. Convenient charging options help increase the usage of electric vehicles.

MG is leading the electric race with power and efficiency together.

The MG ZS EV conceals a potent motor with 176PS of power behind its opulent fa├žade. This results in a thrilling acceleration that allows you to go from 0 to 100 km/h in about 8.5 seconds. The ZS EV offers a convenient driving experience thanks to its powerful performance and rapid torque delivery.

Sales of electric cars have been rising gradually, which is a reflection of the expanding demand for such vehicles globally. This goes hand in hand with the government's objectives of raising the market share of EVs. Now that import sales of the MG ZS EV have reached the 10,000 unit mark, all eyes are on the company's compact MG Comet EV smart vehicle.