Meta layoffs: Employees face anxiety, lack of direction after cuts

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Meta layoffs: Employees face anxiety, lack of direction after cuts (Image:
Meta layoffs: Employees face anxiety, lack of direction after cuts (Image:

Delhi : The final wave of previously planned job losses, which affected thousands of employees in the company's business areas, was disclosed to Meta Platforms Inc. staff on Wednesday. The surviving employees are now hopeful that the uneasy limbo at the firm might end.

The majority of the reorganisation that Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg announced in March to reduce 10,000 employees is now complete as a result of the layoffs. Jobs in Meta's IT groups were cut in late April after the company's recruiting and human resources departments initially suffered cuts. There is a cool feeling of relief among those who have been let go after Zuckerberg stated that more layoffs will only occur in a "small number of cases" for the remainder of the year.

After over hiring during the epidemic, the firm, which owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, said the layoffs were required to increase productivity. The speedier product development and decision-making promises made by Meta have increased its stock price by more than 100% so far this year. However, staff members said that some crucial planning and work have come to a halt. A person with knowledge of the situation noted that Meta is still deciding on its product strategy for the remainder of the year as it organizes its resources in the wake of cuts to the tech department.

Employees who are now employed and those who have just been let go, who wanted not to be identified while discussing internal matters, said that throughout the limbo, they were unclear of who to cooperate with, how to reassign tasks to their teams, or who would be fired next. Workers have reported feeling apprehensive and demotivated as a result of Zuckerberg's weeks-old announcement of which business areas will be affected, creating their own assignments or postponing work until there is a clearer command, according to others.

One of the persons stated that at 5 am in San Francisco, each fired employee received a personal email notifying them of their termination. Zuckerberg expects to speak to those who are no longer employed this morning. A sizable section of the local labour force has been impacted in various nations. Meta said on Wednesday that it planned to cut roughly 490 positions in Ireland, affecting a number of divisions including finance, sales, marketing, and engineering. Additionally, the business earlier deleted all of its London-based Instagram posts.

The three waves of layoffs this year come after Meta reduced its employment by 13% in November, the first significant reduction it has ever made. The corporation is simultaneously requiring middle managers to become individual contributors or risk losing their jobs in some situations, while also putting a hold on recruiting for the majority of posts.

The epidemic, when individuals were confined to their homes and spent more time online on Meta's social media platforms and increased advertising expenditure, has been accused by executives for a hiring frenzy. Then, when the economy became less secure and adjustments made by Apple Inc. reduced the effectiveness of digital advertisements, marketers started to reduce their spending.

In the face of declining sales, Meta came under intense criticism for the billions of dollars it is spending on the metaverse, a virtual reality platform that may take ten years to earn money. As a result, investors pushed the stock down 64% for the worst year ever. The stock rose 23% in one day after Zuckerberg declared 2023 to be the "year of efficiency," confirming the cost-cutting initiatives. The business continues to invest billions of dollars in building up the infrastructure needed for artificial intelligence technologies and Zuckerberg's vision of the metaverse even as it fires workers.