Petrol SUVs beat diesel ones by a huge margin

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New Delhi : With growing uncertainty over diesel as fuel, buyers have now inclined towards investing their money on Petrol SUVs.

Despite of diesel’s better pulling power and fuel economy, Indian roads are now getting more Petrol vehicles in utility segment.

This behavioural shift is majorly seen after Supreme Court's verdict of banning large diesel vehicles in the National Capital Region. Though it is limited to Delhi and NCR region but its future possibilities over India has created a nationwide buzz resulting in declining sale of diesel vehicles. 

Sales of petrol-powered versions comprised as much as 13% of total utility vehicles sold in the country in the last financial year. 

Not many years ago. The percentage share of petrol vehicles in the utility segment was as low as 2. Even the companies smell the change and biggies like Toyota, Mahindra and Mahindra, who used to rely upon big diesel vehicles are coming up with new petrol options for the buyers.

Quick Reads:

  • Petrol SUVs are the new choice over diesel one, state stats
  • Utility segment now share 13% petrol cars than 2% five years ago
  • This comes after Supreme Court’s verdict to ban large diesel vehicles in Delhi-NCR
  • Major car makers have also started manufacturing better petrol options in the market