Tata Harrier H7X 7 seater SUV to hit market in Feb 2020

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Tata Harrier H7X will come with a three row seating configuration
Tata Harrier H7X will come with a three row seating configuration

New Delhi : The makers of Tata Harrier have announced that they will launch the H7X 7 seater SUV in Feb 2010 at the Auto Expo. To inform, Tata Motors, the leader in automobile market has already confirmed that the upcoming Harrier will be available in 5 seater format at first, and then as a 7 seater variant.

Talking about the 7-seater Harrier, the SUV may come with H7X concept at the Geneva Motor Show next year or might make its debut at the 2020 Auto Expo. H7X will utilize the same OMEGA Arc platform.  Based on Land Rover’s D8 platform, Omega Arc governs various key parameters such as wheelbase, suspension system, seating configuration, etc.

Tata Harrier H7X will come with a three row seating configuration. And, its wheel base might be same as that of Harrier. It must be known to all that the 5+2 seating configuration is already available for top spec variant of Land Rover Discovery Sport in India and it has almost the same length as that of Harrier (4598 mm). This implies that H7X may not have to undertake any major changes in length to accommodate two additional seats. Land Rover Discovery Sport is 5600 mm long and H7X could have the same measurements.

H7X might get bigger wheels and may also offer sunroof that many people are missing in Harrier. Tata Motors has confirmed that the Harrier 7 seater variant will be very different in design to the 5 seater variant. It will be easily differentiable.

In terms of engine, H7X will be the same one being used for Harrier. Branded as Kryotec by Tata Motors, the Fiat sourced 2.0L, 4-cylinider turbocharged diesel engine with more power and torque. This is the same engine used in Jeep compass.

Conversely, the engine on Jeep Compass has been configured to deliver increased power of 173 PS. A similar power configuration can be utilized for H7X, making it more powerful than the Harrier 5 seater. As of now, Harrier only offers 6-speed transmission, but H7X will be offering both manual and automatic transmission at the time of launch. 

Prices of Harrier SUV could range in the Rs 18-23 lakhs range, on-road. Lets’ wait for official price notice!