Tata, Mahindra and Ashok Leyland sales outlook for April 2023

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Tata, Mahindra and Ashok Leyland sales outlook for April 2023 (Image: auto.mahindra.com)
Tata, Mahindra and Ashok Leyland sales outlook for April 2023 (Image: auto.mahindra.com)

Delhi : The car sector saw various ups and downs in April 2023, according to statistics provided by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA). YoY sales for two-wheelers and passenger cars were down by 7% and 1%, respectively. Retail sales of tractors and commercial vehicles each saw increases of 1% and 2%. However, 3 wheeler sales increased by 57 percent year over year, demonstrating exceptional development.

Including sales of commercial vehicles, total retail sales in April 2023 grew by 2% to 85,587 units from 83,987 units sold in April 2022 to 85,587 units. MCV, HCV, and other sectors also experienced growth. 

MCV sales increased from 5,575 units sold in April 2022 to 6,451 units sold in April 2023, a 15.71 percent increase, while HCV sales increased from 28,558 units sold in the same month last year to 31,165 units sold this month, a 12.62 percent increase.

In April 2023, CV Retail Sales

The number of CVs sold in other categories increased by 55.63 percent year over year to 3,472 units from 2,229 units. LCV sales, on the other hand, experienced a decline, dropping from 47,625 units sold in April 2022 to 43,501 units in April 2023, an 8.66 percent decrease.

Infrastructure development across the nation has increased, which may be the cause of growth in the commercial vehicle market. As new, more strict BS6 Phase II requirements go into force, the supply chain has also improved, and customers have accepted a price increase well.

With 33,120 units sold in the last month, up from 35,287 units sold in April 2022, Tata Motors topped this list. In comparison to the 35,152 units sold in March 2023, this was similarly a MoM de-growth. Currently, the corporation controls 38.70% of the market, down from the 42.01% it did in April 2022. From April 1, 2023, Tata Motors will raise pricing on its range of commercial vehicles by 5%.

Mahindra, which sold 16,957 units in April 2023 compared to 17,785 in April 2022, was in second place. Market share decreased from 21.18 percent YoY to 19.81 percent. With the company's upcoming April 2023 release of the new Bolero MaXX Pik-Up, sales may increase. It is available in the HD Series and City Series series, with prices ranging from Rs 7.85 to Rs 10.33 lakh.

Commercial vehicle retail sales at Ashok Leyland increased, rising to 15,787 units in the last month from the 13,256 units sold in April 2022. Presently, the corporation holds an 18.45 percent market share. The CNG-powered Bada Dost Xpress 12 passenger bus was one of many electric and alternative fuel vehicles Ashok Leyland displayed at the 2023 Auto Expo earlier this year.