Toyota Hyryder waiting periods goes around 15 months, check details

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Toyota Hyryder waiting periods now average 15 months, check details (Image:
Toyota Hyryder waiting periods now average 15 months, check details (Image:

Delhi : The Toyota Hyryder and Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara SUVs have sold an average of 9,000 units each month since their releases on the market last year. Dealer sources state that the waiting period for strong-hybrid Hyryder variations ranges from 6 to 7 months, while the waiting period for mild-hybrid variants may go as high as 15 months.

The mild hybrid Toyota Hyryder is associated with longer wait times

The Toyota Hyryder comes in four trim levels: E, S, G, and V. According to our dealer sources, there is a 15-month waiting period for the G manual mild hybrid and a 2-month waiting period for the automatic.

On the other hand, the highest-spec V version has a 10-month manual delay and a 2-month automatic delay. The AWD version, which is only available with the mild-hybrid MT powertrain on the V grade, has a waiting period of 3 to 4 months.

However, Toyota has only made a very small amount if any of the base-spec Hyryder. Current waiting lists for the mild hybrid lineup's base E and S trims are greater than 24 months, making it practically impossible to get one. Insiders claim that Toyota dealers are making an effort to push customers into the higher-specified models.

Information on the waiting period for the Toyota Hyryder, a potent hybrid

Strong-hybrid Hyryders are more generally available over the range. Customers would have to wait 6 to 7 months for the G trim's powerful hybrid. The wait for the top-spec V trim is much shorter, at 3 to 4 months. This is because Toyota prioritised sales of strong-hybrid cars from the start, as did the production schedule.

Toyota Hyryder vs. Maruti Grand Vitara wait time

The Maruti Grand Vitara, according to our dealer sources, has a significantly lower waiting period. The base Sigma and Delta mild-hybrid models will be available in 8 months, while the higher-spec Zeta and Alpha trims will be available in 5 months. Meanwhile, the Zeta+ and Alpha+ trims with the strong-hybrid powertrain will have to wait three months.

The Grand Vitara outsells the Hyryder in terms of sales. The Maruti Grand Vitara has sold an average of 6,200 units per month since its launch, while the Hyryder has only sold about 3,000 units each month.

Toyota Hyryder vs. Maruti Grand Vitara: price comparison

The Hyryder is now priced between Rs 10.48 and Rs 18.99 lakh, while the Grand Vitara is priced between Rs 10.45 and Rs 19.65 lakh, both ex-showroom, Delhi.