Tesla Cybertruck to debut with record 560 km range

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Tesla Cybertruck to debut with record 560 km range (Image: tesla.com)
Tesla Cybertruck to debut with record 560 km range (Image: tesla.com)

Delhi : Twitter user who also claims to have acquired this information from three people familiar with the project, the much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck will likely launch with a battery pack that would give 563 km range on a single charge. A higher range version of the electric pickup truck will be available with an 800 km range on a single charge, the Twitter user added. However, this version will be released later.

It's interesting to note that if this tweet is accurate, it would imply that Tesla's highly anticipated and first-ever pickup truck won't reach the 998 km range that Elon Musk, the company's CEO, boasted about during its November 2019 launch. Additionally, it will have a less range than the Chevrolet Silverado EV, which has a range of 724 km with a fully charged battery.

At the Gigafactory Texas, production of Tesla's eagerly anticipated all-electric pickup began last week, some four years after the model was first presented as a concept in November 2019 and two years after its intended production timescale. While the first prototype was being revealed in 2019, Tesla stated that the Cybertruck would be available with four different powertrain options: a single-motor rear-wheel drive with a range of 402 km, a dual-motor all-wheel drive with a range of 483, a tri-motor AWD with a range of 804 km, and a quad motor AWD with a range of 998 km.

Pricing for the Tesla Cybertruck was revealed to be $39,900 for the entry-level RWD model and $49,900 for the dual-motor AWD version. Tesla, however, took down all pricing and specifications from its official website in 2021, leaving us to guess about the ultimate cost and features. Additionally, the EV maker and its CEO Elon Musk have been blamed for the project's considerable delays for making too many promises and then not delivering on them.