8 Easy Steps to Find Trustworthy Moving Companies in India

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8 Easy Steps to Find Trustworthy Moving Companies in India
8 Easy Steps to Find Trustworthy Moving Companies in India

New Delhi : Relocating is a process that requires a lot of hard work and planning. Hiring trusted, genuine and affordable packers and movers who can provide quality services is very important. They should be able to handle the whole process, including packing, loading, unloading, transport, and setting up your home, if you require. 

It would not only be tough to find packers and movers services in a bustling Indian city, but also could put you in harm’s way as there are many fake and unprofessional relocation service providers. You can look for moving companies for your specific shifting requirements in 2 ways: (1) go through a reputed reference portal to quickly get recommendations of packers and movers, or (2) be independent and look for moving companies by yourself.

Those who prefer to take the second route will not only be considered daredevils in the relocation industry but also will become known as major risk-takers. In order to help such individuals be safe in such a situation, we have made a step-by-step guide you must follow before hiring any random relocation service provider who you may come across at first instance of your search.

Step #1: Do Proper Research of Moving Company Details

It is very important that you carry out complete research (or survey) about the professional packers and movers companies. Analyse their company website, look for accurate information about their company, visit the office location at the address mentioned on the site, cross check if they have genuine GST certification and business registration. 

Step #2: Check for Licensed Packers and Movers

Make sure the shifting company is licensed and registered. Do not blindly trust their words and ask for the registration and other necessary documents before confirming. If you find that any moving company is refusing to divulge the necessary information about their registration, make sure to take note of it and avoid that particular company like the plague!

Step #3: Visit their Office Facility in Person

Once you have shortlisted a number of companies, visit them in person to check which of them have a proper professional set up. This could help you to see the facility directly and clear your doubts. This could also help in building a sense of trust with the company. 

Step #4: Check the Company Performance History

Do in-depth research about their work experience and services offered in the past. Check out the customer reviews and feedbacks to find out if there are any complaints against them. Visiting popular review websites before taking a decision will help you to find the best moving company out of the list of packers and movers in India

Step #5: Discuss the Costs & Check for Hidden Charges 

Check details of their services and discuss with the packers movers about details of the move like total rates applicable, transit time, what are the inclusive taxes, etc. This could help you make a proper comparison between the companies you shortlisted and select the ideal one. 

Note: Remember that there could also be hidden service charges or sudden hike in the cost on moving day. It is important to discuss everything about the charges in advance to avoid any confusion in the future and to protect yourself from fraudsters. 

Step #6: Check the Vehicle Used and Packaging

The safety of your package largely depends upon the vehicle used for the transportation. Make sure that the packers and movers company uses the suitable vehicles to transport your goods. Always make sure that the company use the proper packing techniques and material according to the goods. 

Step #7: Never Choose Low-Cost Quotes

Never choose movers offering low-cost estimates as they may end up being fraudulent or fake moving companies. They may not provide the promised services, be unprofessional, hike your charges on moving day, or even steal your belongings under the pretext of moving them, etc. Therefore, choose a company that offers moderately estimated quotations. Consider smartly negotiating to get best deals at discounted prices.

Step #8: Look for Good Customer Care Services

The best service providers will always keep in touch with their clients and provide updates throughout the process. They will also stay connected even after the completion of the service and collect feedback and suggestions from the clients. It is always better to avoid a company if they don't have proper customer care service.

Also, look for additional points like whether the moving company is offering goods and car insurance to safeguard your items during transit or not; this will be an especially important point to look out for when you are moving to a different city/state across the country. Furthermore, remember to ask around, about the relocation service provider to understand what kind of reputation they have maintained in the market.

Due to the increasing trend of relocation in India, many people have started to relocate which has paved the way for many packers and movers companies in the country. Make sure you keep these guidelines in mind while selecting a company for your relocation. Go through the complete company details so that you choose best packers and movers for a safe and smooth shifting experience. Happy shifting!