All India Mobile Retailer Association (AIMRA) flared a nationwide fire (Hunger Strike) against the Chinese Giant OPPO

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All India Mobile Retailer Association (AIMRA) flared a nationwide fire (Hunger Strike) against the Chinese Giant OPPO
All India Mobile Retailer Association (AIMRA) flared a nationwide fire (Hunger Strike) against the Chinese Giant OPPO

New Delhi : On 27th April 2022, more than 1.5 lakh AIMRA members & mainline mobile retailers held a One Day Hunger Strike at OPPO's State Agent's Offices and Distributors Offices across the country, including OPPO's Gurugram Head Office, Okhla Agent's Office, and Noida Factory.

The Mainline Mobile Retailers across the nation are furious against OPPO's unfair and unethical trade practices. The fire flamed when OPPO's K-Series launch was not made available to the mainline market and kept restricted to E-commerce platforms only. This dishonest partiality looks like a cartel between the Chinese brands and the foreign e-commerce giants to disturb the domestic retail market by limiting buying options and taking away the potential of providing competitive prices to the mainline retail consumer. The foreign companies are trying to create a monopoly in the market by forcing the consumer to buy online at higher prices and limited discount opportunities while earning billions of dollars in revenue by exploiting the consumer rights. Said Arvinder Khurana, National President of AIMRA, while sitting on a hunger strike at Gurugram and Okhla OPPO offices.

AIMRA had previously written many letters and conducted several meetings with Mr Elvis Zhou, India OPPO President, to highlight the discrepancy done by the Chinese Smartphone Giants. While the issues are acknowledged, a recorded MOM also shows that the OPPO President promised the OPPO K-Series to be made available on both online & Mainline (offline) channels from the day of launch. However, since the reality is dart opposite of the promises, AIMRA's leaders proposed a nationwide hunger strike on the 27th of April against the unethical practices and tricking the Indian Mainline Retailers. 

The protest received a national glare from various organisations and leaders across the nation. However, OPPO left no boxes unticked to suppress the Basic Human Integrity to demand their rights. OPPO's Rajasthan representative in Jaipur Mr Gaurav Shrivastav misbehaved with AIMRA's Rajasthan President, Mr Sunil Gupta and his team while trying to intercept the protest by misusing the power & police force. This event started a new movement to boycott OPPO for the next 90 days across the state. AIMRA also intends to seek government interventions to cancel OPPO's licence by forming a nationwide agitation slogan saying 'Go Back China'.

AIMRA is in continuous communication with the Industry & Commerce Minister, Honourable Piyush Goyal Ji, to highlight the expression against the unfair trade practices by the Chinese brand OPPO. AIMRA proposes to form a strict e-commerce policy and a regulatory body to regulate these e-commerce giants with massive money power and prevent the Indian economy from collapsing. The domestic market doesn't only provides competitive business opportunities. It helps generate billions in tax revenues for the country and millions of direct & indirect employment, empowering the nation collectively.