"Asian Paints not acknowledging my calls and queries"

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"Asian Paints not acknowledging my calls and queries"
"Asian Paints not acknowledging my calls and queries"

New Delhi : Asian Paints is among the brands people choose to paint their dreams aka homes; but a Delhi resident had to face the colourless side of the company when he complained about the wrong product, making his dream home looking of a different shade.

Mr Som Pal had ordered Asian Paints product to paint his home as a part of renovation. Midway, when the painting work was in progress, he noticed that there were two different shades coming from the same paint, which is premixed by the company.

Noticing the difference, he raised a complaint with the customer support service of the company. The company representatives arrived to check the case and acknowledged company’s fault in the matter.

As a part of resolution, they offered a compensation for the paint and claimed that the labour will be compensated after discussing the matter in the company.

A couple of days after, the company provided a refund of the paint; but without mentioning about the labour compensation closed the case. For the same, a confirmation call came from the company customer service and Mr Pal denied his satisfaction on the resolution, demanding the labour compensation.

Since then, the company has gone mute and not been answering the calls properly. Every time, Mr Pal calls and he is told that the matter has been escalated and he will get a call soon. 

"It has been over a month now and Asian Paints has been ignoring my calls, not giving an appropriate resolution on my complaint, and with no clear solution I am unable to decide whether should I get the repaint job done or not," said disappointed Mr Som Pal.

"I am okay if they do not want to compensate the labour charges, but them stretching the matter with no resolution is making me uncompromising over the whole issue," he added.

With the customer support behaviour, Mr Pal claims that he will never get his home painted with Asian Paints and also would not recommend it to his knowns.