Breathe easy with Cuckoo air purifier as air quality in Delhi worsens

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Breathe easy with Cuckoo air purifier as air quality in Delhi worsens
Breathe easy with Cuckoo air purifier as air quality in Delhi worsens

New Delhi : With air pollution level soaring all time high in the National Capital and India housing seven of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world according to World Economic Forum, the need of quality air becomes the topmost concern in Indian households to breathing easy. As the real time air quality index reaches at hazardous level in Delhi, the demands for air purifier have increased. Fighting the stark reality of almost all Indian cities gasping for fresh air, the situation turns grim with the spread of COVID-19, a respiratory virus. The poor air quality has rendered severely people unhealthy with life threatening respiratory illness. This alarming situation has made us all ponder on one pertinent question, what’s the way out of this unprecedented situation.

Cuckoo, Korea’s leading brand in Home and Kitchen Appliances has deeply researched the current air pollution scenario in India and addressed all the points while designing one-of-its-kind air purifiers. It was found during the research that larger the filter size, better the performance and more the lifecycle of air purifiers. It is noteworthy that larger filters are more effective in combatting the indoor contaminant of air while pushing out clean air. The fine layers of filters trap the larger polluted particles before the air passes through the HEPA filter.

The advanced HEPA [Ultra PM 2.5 Filters] removes fine dust of 0.3 μm and functions of pollens, dead body of mites, residual cigarette smoke, etc. To save on the maintenance cost, Cuckoo came up with the futuristic Energy Eye feature that is highly energy efficient, environmentally safe with user friendly structure allowing the users conveniently replacing the filter at home. The Turbo Mode accelerates the purification process and cleans the room roughly in 6 minutes. And the Air Curator ensures optimum airflow in all corners of the room. 

A trusted name in Korea over 4 decades, Cuckoo is an integral part of smart homes and healthier urban lifestyle. Cuckoo brings its legacy of innovations, leading filtration system and advanced technologies to India with the same promise of healthier and happier lifestyle. Cuckoo’s Beyond Standards philosophy guides its world class purifiers from the design stage to throughout its life cycle.

The presence of fine particulate matter known as PM2.5, a pollutant that can fester deep in the lungs and bloodstream of human beings has skyrocketed the graph of lung patients in India. According to the World Bank, air pollution has put a hole in our pockets. India racks up health-care costs and productivity losses from pollution of as much as 8.5 percent of gross domestic product. 

Mr. Satyajeet Kumar Arun, Managing Director, Cuckoo India, said, “Our commitment to raising lifestyle beyond standards made us come up with Air Purifiers which were specifically designed for the Indian sub-continent region. Few of us realize that indoor air is often more dangerous and polluted than outdoor air. COVID has posed a great threat to the respiratory health of Indians. There is a growing concern among environmentalists and epidemiologists that exposures to high levels of air pollution during winter months in South Asian countries could worsen the effects of COVID-19. Hence, we came up with cutting-edge technology which will uplift indoor air quality beyond standards. Cuckoo Air purifiers have already made ripples in the market and are seeing a huge surge in demand. Their tailor-made Air Purifiers for the Indian market have won many loyal customers. In a short span of time, we have created a niche and are expected to lead the air purifier market, targeting a double-digit market share.”